All on 4 Dental Implants Melbourne

Date: 29th August 2012
All on 4 Dental Implants - Solution for Missing Teeth

There are number of treatments such as all on 4 dental implants, all on four in Melbourne at Australia available to deal with number of dental issues. Among these treatments, all on 4 dental implants treatment offer permanent solution for missing teeth. It offers a comprehensive oral rehabilitation for sufferers from tooth loss.

Consult and diagnose

The patient’s suitability for this treatment should be first evaluated by the dentist. It involves X-ray, CT scan and creating impressions. In certain cases, the patient may have to remove existing teeth removed so that four titanium implants can fit in the place properly. However, in certain case bone grafting may be required, which can require additional appointment.

Following are some of the benefits offered by the procedure of all on 4 in dental implants:-

  • The treatment of all on four of Australia is affordable and less painful as well. It offers better aesthetic appearance to the person, when compared with traditional techniques of implant treatment or smile makeover.
  • It avoids the need for the surgery of bone grafting. It further enables sufferer to get the solution for their oral problem on the same day.
  • This treatment requires only single surgery for teeth implant, whereas traditional techniques often require multiple surgeries for bone grafting surgery and greater number of teeth implants.
  • The success rate of this treatment is very high, when compared to traditional alternatives of dental implants.
  • This treatment is easy and safe and is performed by professional dental practitioner.
  • After this treatment, patients can have light meal and good night’s rest after the treatment.

For those, who are suffering from the problem of missing teeth can opt for dentures or all on 4 dental implants of Melbourne and get rid of their problem.


The main purpose of dental implants method is to fill missing teeth. With this treatment, dental surgeon provides you with all on four stable implants, which will give a natural look to your teeth.

Minimal recovery time

This treatment takes minimum time to recover. After you have undergone the procedure, you can enjoy your meals and can chew food well without experiencing unnecessary pain.

Long-lasting benefits

After dental implants procedure, the sufferer may not have to worry about any problem about their teeth or gums. You can easily maintain them and will not experience any kind of stress from the pain.

Also, this procedure saves you much time, money and energy going back and forth to clinic. You can conduct an extensive research online about benefits and importance of smile makeover and implants treatment.

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